Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

In the dead silence, all the details suddenly fell into place for me with a burst of intuition. Something Edward didn’t want me to know. Something that Jacob wouldn’t have kept from me. Something that had the Cullens and the wolves both in the woods, moving in hazardous proximity to each other . . . Something I’d been waiting for anyway. Something I knew would happen again, as much as I might wish it never would. It was never going to end, was it? (Published: 2007/Pages: 629/Third book in Twilight Saga)

In the third novel of the Twilight Saga we are reunited with the one and only Edward, after a long absence and a life threatening return, things seem to be almost back to normal. Yet, no one could foresee the impending doom that lurked just around the corner, forcing Bella to make a decision of a lifetime. In Seattle, just a few cities over from Forks, something sinister was happening . . . There were mass murders and disappearances happening almost daily, leaving the undying question for all including law enforcement, why? Soon, Bella, Edward and Jacob come to the startling realization that a vampire with a grudge against Bella has made her own army of new vampires to attack. Forced into a truce no one could have seen, the vampires and werewolves must unite to save not only Bella, but themselves and the town of Forks. All while, Bella comes to terms with her true feelings for Jacob Black, leaving her no choice but to choose between them, changing the course of everyone’s life and destiny, forever. Who will Bella choose and will she choose correctly? What will the ripple effect be of her decision? Edward Cullen, vampire or Jacob Black, werewolf . . .

This was my least favorite novel out of the whole series so far, once I got past the multiple spelling errors I found myself cringing. This was not a strong start to a closing novel to such a powerful series, I felt like throwing my book at wall at least twenty times within the first two-hundred pages. Bella and Edwards relationship took a turn into obsessive and dare I say, controlling behavior. Had they both been ‘human’ I would this story line was rather toxic and downright offensive. These 629 pages were close to brutal to get through, with manipulation and childish behavior oozing from every page. May I recommend some therapy Ms. Swan, possibly a hobby outside of loving Edward. Aside from the grotesque behavior displayed between Bella, Edward and Jacob, I did like the detail put into this novel. I wish I had anything more remotely positive to say about this one, but I sadly don’t . . . I found this one rather trying. If I wasn’t so determined to finish what I have set my mind on finishing, I would have thrown this against my wall and then into my DNF (did not finish) pile, rightfully where it belongs, aside from maybe a fire. I felt this was all over the place, trying to tie up way to many loose ends right before the final novel Breaking Dawn. It was rushed, disorganized and attempted to cover too much ground without ever really getting to a point. The plot was poor and the drama was over-the-top, leaving me rolling my eyes. I am really hoping to end this series on good terms, as I rather enjoyed the second novel New Moon much better than this. Here is to wishful thinking and a happy ending to a head spinning series that has seemed to captivate me, even if not for the best. Any book that can invoke any emotion, good or bad, is worth the time I believe. On to the last novel I go . . .

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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